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end of tenancy cleaning

What do you want in an end of tenancy cleaning?

Before hiring an end of tenancy cleaning company, what qualities would you like it to have?

If that’s experience, then don’t worry as we at Tenancy Cleaners have years of cleaning experience on our backs. Since this company was founded in 2009, we have served thousands of clients & served well. We have made it so much as an obligation for us to, “to not leave a customer’s house, until he/she is fully satisfied & content with our end of tenancy clean service”.

The right tools?
If you’re looking for advanced equipment, then we qualify with flying colors in that too. We have always strived to keep up with modern time & adept it. We invest highly in acquiring the latest & most suitable cleaning products & equipment. Our end of tenancy cleaning services is always carried out by professionals with cutting edge equipment.


Highly trained experts?

If you’re looking for highly trained experts, then don’t worry as we have always paid special attention to training our cleaners with the most useful cleaning knowledge & techniques. Also, we train them on how to keep themselves & others around them safe. All of that, & yet really reasonably priced end of tenancy cleaning service.


Supreme Quality?

If you want quality, then we assure you that we never compromise on quality. We’ve always delivered the highest quality end of tenancy cleaning & we don’t intend on stopping any soon. With a company like ours, the only thing you’ll be getting is value! Value on your money, time & energy.


Flexible Time?

If you want a flexible time schedule, then don’t fret over it as well. We have designed our cleaning services to serve you when you’re convenient. May that is on a weekend or even a bank holiday. We’ll be there for you. Our end of tenancy cleaning services is reasonable in pricing & high in quality.


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So, here’s a checklist of what’s included in our end of tenancy cleaning


In Bedrooms

  • Cleaning the dirt off every piece of Furniture
  • Scrubbing & cleaning the Mirrors
  • Cleaning the wardrobes
  • Cleaning any kind of picture frames and decorative glass
  • Cleaning the dirt, dust & stains off the internal windows
  • Cleaning the doors (frames, sides) and skirting
  • Dusting off the light fixtures and fittings (remove any oily or dirty fingerprints)
  • cobwebs removed efficiently
  • Hovering your carpets
  • Moping & cleaning the hardwood floor

In the Living area

  • Cleaning Cupboards & cabinets
  • Cleaning the Drawers
  • Removing the dirt off the fixtures and shelves
  • Carefully handling & cleaning the TV sets & other electronic equipment
  • Dusting off & cleaning the Furniture
  • Scrubbing the Mirrors
  • Cleaning all the picture frames, paintings & decorative hangings
  • Cleaning the windows from the inside
  • Cleaning the doors & skirting
  • Removing the fingerprints & stains off the light fixtures and fittings
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Carpets hovered and Hard flooring cleaned
  • Garbage Removed

In the Staircases & Hallways

  • Cleaning the woodwork
  • Clean the Mirrors
  • Dusting the picture frames & hangings
  • Cleaning the hand railing & stairs
  • Internal windows
  • Cleaning & polishing the Doors and skirting
  • Cleaning & dusting the light fixtures and fittings
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Carpeted area hovered and hard flooring cleaned

In Bathrooms

  • Disinfecting the toilets
  • Descaling sink and taps
  • Scrub the tiles
  • Scrub the mirrors
  • Clean the extractor fan
  • Clean all the light fixtures and fittings
  • Clean all the visible pipes and plumbing
  • Internal windows
  • Doors, and Skirting
  • Clean all the fixtures & faucets
  • Cobwebs removed

In the Kitchen

  • Clean the cupboards
  • Clean all the work surfaces
  • Clean the inside & outside of oven, refrigerator & other kitchen appliances
  • Removing the stains off the hobs, burner & knobs
  • Clean the fixtures
  • Internal windows
  • Clean the doors, and skirting
  • Descale the sink and taps
  • Remove the garbage from the bins
  • Clean the counter
  • Removing the greasy prints from the light fixtures and fittings
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Hard flooring cleaned


If you’re a tenant

If you’re a tenant, whose tenancy lease is coming to an end, then you’ll realize that moving out isn’t as easy as you would have thought – not easy at all, without hiring end of tenancy cleaning services. Especially, when you are legally obliged to clean the whole house & return it to its original state (which was when you first acquired & moved in). You might think that you’ll be able to clean the whole house – all by yourself. But let’s face the truth – it is really difficult. Not because you can’t, but because you should not.

The reason is that you’re going to be a lot busier in the next few days, looking for a new house, taking care of your family, trying to keep up with the job & so many other responsibilities. The need of the time is to hire a really efficient & reliable cleaning company to provide you with the end of tenancy cleaning. Especially, if you don’t want to disappoint your landlord during the inspection. In case, he/she doesn’t like your effort (of cleaning the house by yourself), your landlord might deduct a major portion of your deposit.


If you’re a landlord

Not every tenant is ideal. You can be assured of this fact at the end of tenancy lease when the tenant leaves the house or apartment in a bad shape. There will be stains, blotches, dust, dirt, & paint spatters all over the house. Hiring a regular maid or cleaner won’t be the answer to all that mess. You’ll need a much better & efficient source to clean all that mess. Hiring our end of tenancy cleaning service for instance.

When we arrive at your door, we’re fully prepared & equipped with the most advanced cleaning equipment & products. We have highly trained our leaning professionals to make sure that your house is returned is to its original well-ordered shape, when they’ve finished their work. Your house will be really cleaner & ready for its next inhabitants to move in. Our end of tenancy clean service is fully qualified & tailor-made to ensure a quality that meets your high expectations.